• Where is the celebration of Halloween thought to have come from?
  • The Celts occupied an area of land covering six modern-day countries. Name at least three of them.
  • Why did the Celts celebrate ’Samhain’ on the night of 31st October?
  • What did the Celts believe the ghosts of the dead would cause damage and trouble to?
  • What costumes did they wear?
  • By 7th c.  who had conquered the Celts? and what festivity did they introduce?
  • What two other festivals were combined with ’Samhain’ with the Christians?
  • After many changes due to the spread of Christianity, what new celebration was created in 1000 AD?
  • What is “going a souling”?
  • What do the poor had to pray for?
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21 OCT 2015 : do you know what does this date mean?

The Day in the future has finally arrived.

In “Back to the Future Part II,” Marty McFly travels to October 21, 2015, to save his children, yet to be born in “Back to the Future’s” 1985.

This is the film’s vision of a year that was still more than a quarter-century away when the movie was shot and released in 1989 .

These are some of the 1989 (check what is right or wrong in this link) movie `predictions:

  • DEHYDRATED PIZZA: A pizza was thrown into a “Hydrator” and a 12 inch pizza popped out
  • FLYING CARS: Every single vehicle  from cars to boards were supposed to be able to fly in the future, one of the most extended believe when doing future predictions
  • GLASS DEVICES: people entertained themselves by watching movies and TV prtogrammes using spectacles-like devices
  • BIOMETRIC IDENTITY SCANNERS: police used fingerprints to determine person’s identity instatntly. Doors were unlocked using them
  • HOVERBOARD: a pink levitating hoverboard was used to scape from bullies
  • POWER-LACING NIKE SNEAKERS: Shoes lace-up when someone step into the shoes.
  • CHICAGO CUBS play the NBL final vas Miami
  • FaSHION pockets outside





what Part II got right and wrong about 2015 – an A-Z

Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? INFOGRAPHIC by RIGHTMIXMARKETING

We all hear anecdotally about the movement of teens to other (often mobile-centric) Social Media platforms.

So what did we discover?

  • For Facebook North American active users numbers are declining
  • The average age of Facebook users has risen from 38 to 41 years old
  • The number of Moms getting on Facebook is rising sharply
  • Teens are increasingly going mobile and Facebook is not their favorite app
  • There are a lot of hot, new apps like Kik Messenger, WhatsApp and SnapChat that are grabbing the attention of teenagers

It’s all displayed below for you in this “hot of the press” infographic. Enjoy and feel free to share or embed using the code below the infographic!

http://Are Teenagers Abandoning Facebook? #Infographic
Social Media Intelligence via Right Mix Marketing