MORE ON HALLOWEEN: Try this web quest

This is the history of Halloween origins, you can answer these questions after watching the slide show and you can also read for further information

  1. Where does the celebration of Halloween come from?
  2. The Celts occupied an area of land covering three modern-day countries or regions. What are they?
  3. Why did the Celts celebrate Samhain on the night of 31 October?
  4. What did the Celts believe the ghosts of the dead could damage?
  5. After many changes due to the spread of Christianity, what new celebration was created in 1000 AD?
  6. What was the night before called and what did this finally become?
  7. What do children ask for when they travel from house to house?
  8. What do children say when they arrive at a house?
  9. What is usually the ’trick’?
  10. Since when has this tradition been practised in North America?
  11. What do homeowners who wish to participate usually do to their houses?
  12. Since when have people in Britain and Ireland practised the tradition of asking for food at Halloween?