speaking 11 languages: guess where are they from?

Multilingualism is generally considered cool yet difficult to achieve, especially if second, third and fourth languages are acquired later in life.

could you tell where are they from?



Matthew, who is originally from Manchester, England, is a language chameleon: Germans think he’s German, Spaniards think he’s Spanish, Brazilians think he’s… Portuguese.

Luca Lampariello, Italian,  talks about where he finds the motivation for learning languages, and how he’s learned 11 so far.

“I don’t live to learn languages, I learn languages to live a better life”.


Wtach this video  where a woman performs a tour of the accents of the British Isles – and the celebrities who speak with them!

the video is not very easy to understand but try to listen to the different accents. It is a funny thing!

Do we have such a variety of accents in our language? of course we do! think about South America and our regional accents as well


COCKNEY :  cockney English refers to the accent or dialect of English traditionally spoken by working-class Londoners.Cockney speakers have a distinctive accent and dialect , sometimes described as  a peculiar slang language.



Our New Year’s Resolutions activity at school


Last week we talked about New Year’s Resolutions in class. This is the activity done in 3º Eso.  We have elaborated a card with our resolutions for 2016 , we have collected them and they are shown in our classes, just in case you want to see them, you’re welcome!







This is what we have written about, would you like to do your own?

  • 2 ⇒things we learnt last year        
  • 0⇒zero for a thing we will stop this year
  • 1⇒ one thing we would really want to do this year
  • 6⇒general resolutions we traditionally propose ourselves at the beginning of a new year


3º ESO B. Ies Medina Albaida



Happy Martín Luther King Day on a #bluemonday

January is a depressing time for many. The weather’s awful, you get very little daylight. January is one long post-Christmas hangover.

So there are many reasons why someone may feel particularly “down” during January. But every year, much of the media become fixated on a specific day – the third Monday in January – as the most depressing of the year. It has become known as Blue Monday.

Anda this year 2016, coincides with Martín Luther King Day, wh

Space oddity: lyrics exercise and story

“Space Oddity” is a song written and performed by David Bowie and released as a music single in July 1969.the  title, which alludes to the film 2001: A Space Odyssey

The song exists in two different 1969 versions. The original and shorter version of the song (3:48) was used in the promotional film Love You Till Tuesday. The longer re-recorded version of the song (5:18) was included as the opening song for the 1969 album David Bowie.



The song is about the launch of Major Tom, a fictional astronaut, and was released during a period of great interest in space flight. The United States’ Apollo 11 mission would launch 5 days later, and would become the first manned moon landing another 5 days later.The lyrics have also been seen to criticize the British space programme, which had only launched rockets at that time and has never attempted a moon landing.

Bowie would later revisit his Major Tom character in the songs “Ashes to Ashes“, “Hallo Spaceboy” and “Backstair“.

In 2013, the song gained renewed popularity after it was covered by Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who performed the song while aboard the International Space Station, and therefore became the first music video shot in space.

I bet you have watched it in youtube or on tv more than once. I hope you enjoyed it!


In January 2016, the song gained new popularity following the death of David Bowie, ranking as third on iTunes on January 12, 2016.

LYRICS: try to fill the gaps and then sing along


Bowie’s obituary: video, transcript and lesson plan


David Bowie has died from cancer at the age of 69. The influential singer-songwriter and producer was famous for his music, style, and contribution to the world of music. Known for his eccentric and ever-changing sense of style, his over-40-year career spanned glam rockart rock, soul, hard rock, dance, pop, punk and electronica. He had just released his twenty-fifth album, Blackstar, on January 8th, which was his birthday. The singer’s publicist confirmed the news on his Facebook page, saying David Bowie died peacefully today, surrounded by his family after a courageous 18-month battle with cancer. Stars and influential figures have paid tribute to a man considered by many one of the most influential artists of the 20th century.

    • what is
  • would you like to take this quiz? it’s not easy…





Great Bowie died last 11th January 

David Bowie was one of the most influential musicians of his time, constantly re-inventing his persona and sound, from the 1960s hippy of Space Oddity, through Ziggy Stardust and the Thin White Duke to his later incarnation as a soulful rocker.

David Bowie has died aged 69 after suffering from cancer. The influential musician had a career spanning six decades. Bowie’s hits include Let’s Dance, Space Oddity, Heroes, Under Pressure, Rebel, Rebel, and Life on Mars.

Hundreds gathered in Brixton on January 11th 2016 after hearing the news of his passing. A twitter user in Brixton suggested all meeting up outside the Ritzy in Brixton, someone put it on Facebook, and a few thousand people then turned up! An incredible atmosphere in Brixton tonight as crowds gathered to pay tribute to David Bowie:

If you haven’t heard about him I recommend you to have a look at this article which reviews with images his long and chameleonic career


this week we will devote a class to review Bowie’s career and you will have the chance to see the lyrics of some of his best songs. This is youtube list for you to start listening to one of the probably biggest and most influential musicians of all times




On the page, http://www.history.com/topics/new-yearsread the final section entitled ‘New Year’s traditions’. Answer the following questions then compare your answers with your partner.

  1. What do Spanish people eat 12 of just before midnight on New Year’s Eve and what do they symbolize?
  2. Which countries eat legumes and what do they represent?
  3. What do pigs represent in some cultures and where is pork eaten?
  4. Which countries eat ring-shaped cakes and pastries, and why?
  5. What is hidden inside the rice pudding eaten in Sweden and Norway on New Year’s Eve? What will happen to the person who finds it?
  6. Which people first made New Year’s resolutions?
  7. What did they promise to do?
  8. What’s the most famous symbol of the beginning of the New Year in the USA?
  9. How long has the event taken place?
  10. What alternative objects are dropped in other American cities  ?http://www.onestopenglish.com/teenagers/topic-based-materials/webquests/webquest-new-year/553259.article