WE ARE GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The English department has organized a trip to London with 16 students from 4eso, 1º bto and 4 people from Ciclos. We are leaving in two weeks time and we can’t wait for it!
Here you are some interesting links to keep you up to date;
the best and the worst (in English)

10 things to know about London (English with subtitles in Spanish)

This is the company we are travelling with, http://www.hometohome.com
you can see their videos and follow them in https://www.facebook.com/hometohome.es

BLUE MONDAY; the most depressing day of the year

A psychologist explains why the third Monday of January has for him become the most depressing day of the year

January is a depressing time for many. The weather’s awful, you get very little daylight. January is one long post-Christmas hangover.

So there are many reasons why someone may feel particularly “down” during January. But every year, much of the media become fixated on a specific day – the third Monday in January – as the most depressing of the year. It has become known as Blue Monday.

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