DAY 3: Wednesday water sports and blind date

Wednesday, in the morning, we went to the beach. Then our monitors divided us in two groups. One group  did kayaking in pairs and the other group tidy and wash the equipment. Later we went to the bungalow and had a shower it was freezing!!

IMG_1747Although we wore wet-suits water was still very cold. As the weather wasn’t warm enough and the currents were strong we change activities. Then we did problem solving and some other games. Lunch was again at 13:00 green beans, rice meat and fish.



WRITTEN BY BUNGALOW 5 (Irene, Claudia A., Elsa, Pilar & Andrea)


In the evening we had a blind date. We did a funny game,  we pretend to meet some people and to get to know them we make some questions to choose the “perfect person”, that is “Mr. Right ” . Then we went to the bungalows and we prepared the wedding. Some of us designed the dress, others wrote the vows and others decided the menu for the wedding banquet. Then we celebrated the wedding following all the plans. We really had fun!


Tonight for dinner we have chicken, lentils and more to choose from!

Disco tonight hasn’t been so funny cause we did not know the songs or the lyrics, we came to bed earlier than yesterday!
WRITTEN BY BUNGALOW 4 (Mareme, Raquel, Paula, Claudia S. & Paula)



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