Day 2

We had to get up at 8,30 because at 9 o’clock we have to be at the restaurant for breakfast. At 10 o’clock we went to our bungalows with our group, and monitors explained the instructions for afternoon activities: horse riding and orienteering. After that we went to the beach and we played funny games on the sand. Until 1 o’clock that is our lunch time at the restaurant. Today menu is rice, fried egg and tomato and beef steak. You can also have salad and of course desert.


horse riding theory lesson
WRITTEN BY: bungalow 2 ( Clara G., Clara D., Nadege, Lucia, Ana Maria & Paula.


Yesterday afternoon we went out of the camping to do horse riding and orienteering. They separated us in two groups. One group first did horse riding and the other orienteering and games. In orienteering we must find some letters in the trees all over the forest with the help of some clues and a compass. After that we played some games like shopping list, touch ball or races. When the horse’s group finished we changed the activities. In horse riding we followed a charming path. Some horses were Amigo, Hueso, yBlacky, Ninu, Monica…we really enjoyed the riding!

WRITTEN BY: bungalow 3 ( Merche, Patricia, Esperanza, Alejandra & Malena)

 Dinner menu: potato omelette, veggies, chicken or fish to choose.

After dinner we have our second disco session to dance till 23,00, we have had a tiring day!



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