Day 1: arrival at Santa Susanna camping

We had to wake up really early this morning it was about 6 in the morning, it was raining but we were extremely excited to start our English week with 

It is nearly 4 hours driving by bus, and we have arrived at about 12 at the camping. It is a huge area with bungalows and vans by the sea. The camping site in on the beach front, a perfect place to stay for a week. 


Bungalow 1 (Paula, Clara D, Clara G, Ana M, Nadege & Lucia
Our monitors speak ONLY ENGLISH, so  it is good for us to practice oral skills. We had already made groups of 5/6 to sleep, we were given our bungalow. It’s a wooden 2 storey building with bunk beds and a shared bathroom and small kitchen. We also have a table with 2 benches outdoors.

We had lunch at the dining room at 1 o’clock a bit early for us, it is a buffet where you can choose different food.

In the afternoon at 3 o’clock we made presentations to introduce ourselves, some activities and we also learnt to dance. We had free time, from 6,30 to 8 when we had dinner. Then we went to the disco and although we were tired we danced till midnight. It is very funny!

WRITTEN BY: bungalow 1 ( Claudia M, Ana A., Silvia F., Marina, Sofía, Laura & Isabel )



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