This February we have an extra day, February 29th. This happens every 4 years as you may know.

  • Do you remember where did you do last 29th February?
  • What will you be doing in 4 years time, when next 29th February would appear again in our calendar?
  • Do you know any ‘leaper’ or ‘leapling’? How old is he/she supposed to be officially?
  • But do you know why this 2016 is 366 days long?

The Earth actually takes 365 day, 5hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds exactly, to make a complete circle around the sun. In order to account for these 6 extra hours, we have to add an extra day every few years to keep our calendar in sync.Leap-Year-Infographic-CheapSally.com_

you can also watch this video





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