NEVERSECONDS, we are following this blog

We have been reading this blog NEVERSECONDS in class, it is written by a 9 y.o. girl Imagenwho comments about food in her  school. It seems amazing a student could resist all day with 3 slices of cucumber, a tiny cheeseburguer and a ice-lolly . We are following Martha and we have send her a message.

this is our COMMENT

We are a 14 y.o. secondary class from Caspe (Spain), we are reading your blog in English class with our teacher. Your lunch photos are amazing!! Aren’t you hungry?

We also had lunch at the school canteen when we were in primary school,this is a normal day menu for lunch with 2 courses and desert: rice with tomatoe, chicken with chips, and a youghurt. On special days we even drink coke! Some of us think meals were homemade,healthy and delicious!!But some others also found pieces of hair in our portion of bread!!! disgusting!! Anyway, all of us prefer to eat at home!!We have been studying a food and drink lesson in English class, and we have published recipes you can visit in our blog.


You can add a comment if you want!

We are following your blog!!






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